Letter from the Board, November 2013

November 2013

Dear Friend,

The Patrick J. DiPaolo Memorial Scholarship Fund Committee is pleased to announce that the Fund has been approved for non-profit status by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and soon expects preliminary approval for 501c(3) status from the U.S. IRS. As such, qualified donations to the Fund will be tax-deductible.

Pat dedicated his life to education and sports. From the start, his years of teaching and coaching made the difference between success and failure in the lives of countless student- athletes. Often, at his own expense, Pat provided food, clothing and athletic equipment, as well as moral support, for students in need. Understanding the importance of post- secondary education, Pat assisted many of his students with attaining college and university scholarships. If not for Pat’s assistance, some could have not attended college on their own.

To keep Pat’s vision strong and relevant in lives of student-athletes, the Committee is confident Pat’s memory will remain alive through creation of this scholarship fund. Thus, the money raised in Pat’s name for high school student-athletes to help with college expenses not only continues Pat’s lifetime work, but also honors and memorializes him in this most meaningful way.

The Committee respectfully asks that you review the enclosed description of Pat’s many accomplishments on behalf of the community’s youth. After you do, volunteers serving this Fund are confident that you’ll want to help our youth, as Pat did, while keeping alive the memory of this distinguished young teacher, coach and administrator. Your tax-deductible donation can be made to:

Patrick J. DiPaolo
Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc. P.O. Box 3073
Erie, PA 16508

Thank you for your support!

Q. Gregory Orlando, Chairman
Patrick J. DiPaolo Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc.